Why Window Cleaning In Perth Is Necessary.

Many areas across WA have ‘hard water’; this means an abundance of natural minerals has slowly concentrated into the water. In particular, calcium and magnesium salts, however, the concentration levels differ depending on where you live. 

An average measurement across Perth is usually around 200 milligrams per litre of water, and this is perfectly safe to drink according to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines

However, though it is safe to drink, it causes spots on surfaces when the water eventually evaporates. You can see this process on your windows or drinking glasses at home or even on your plants after watering. 

You can counter this by merely applying liquid soaps and drying surfaces immediately. The higher level of ‘hardness’ does impact how thoroughly you might need to scrub the surfaces, typically the ‘harder’ the water, the more soap it requires to come to a lather. 

Understandably, not everyone has the time it takes to dry their windows after watering their garden immediately. This causes a build-up of calcium and magnesium to occur, and given time is challenging to remove leaving your windows foggy and unsightly, with this in mind a regular window clean is the best way to ensure the longevity of your homes aesthetic. Window cleaning combats not only the build-up of calcium/magnesium but also the regular sea salt spray we are accustomed to living on the coast.

Not only can you stop the damaging effects of corrosion on your windows but the integrity of the frames, the salt build-up can eventually corrode aluminium and rust the window structure, which can be a costly job. 

The removal of a combination of dirt and salt is the best way to protect the frames in the long run. The glass can also absorb dust and dirt, which will lead to permanent staining and can be unsightly.

The real beauty of window cleaning in truth is that you enjoy unobstructed views of your home, we share some beautiful views all over the Western Australian coast, why not enjoy them.

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