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Perth Window Cleaning Service

B1 Windows is your local, family-owned and operated Perth window cleaning service. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, we’ve tackled just about every type of job there is, and we know how to provide the best level of service.

We do our best to provide a top-notch Perth window cleaning service residential and commercial properties, at fair pricing. We may not be the cheapest Perth window cleaners, but we’re most certainly the most dependable, and the most professional.

We don’t take shortcuts, every job is treated the same no matter how big or small. We are committed to upholding our reputation as the number—1 window cleaning Perth service. Drop us a line today to arrange your free fixed quote.

Our Services

Residential Window Cleaning Perth

We've been taking care of Perth's dirty windows for over 13 years. Take the hassle out of cleaning your windows by leaving it to the professionals at B1.

Commercial Window Cleaning Perth

We also extend our professional services to commercial buildings. If you have a commercial building up to 10 metres, contact us today to organise a free quote.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is one of those necessary maintenance jobs. It's essential as unblocked gutters and down-pipes help prevent damage to your property over the winter months.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirty solar panels can lose efficiency between 15-20%. We can get those panels clean & operating at maximum capacity again in no time with our pure-water cleaning machine.

Professional Perth Window Cleaning

It’s not uncommon for people to hire “casual” Perth window cleaners. A lot of people wouldn’t even realise, but there are a lot of casual window cleaners out there looking to make a quick bit of cash.

The main issues with these “pop up” Perth window cleaners are that they have no legitimate business connections, no website, no ABN and no insurance.
The main attraction with these window cleaners is how cheap they advertise. We’ve spoken to many customers first-hand that have used these “cheap” window cleaners and more often than not, a less than satisfactory service was delivered. This is why it really does pay to use window cleaning professionals.

Everything we do is by the book. We can provide invoices as well as cash receipts. We have our Working Safely at Heights certification, police background check clearance, as well as public liability insurance. We are a legitimate business and are accountable for every job we do. This is why we place such a heavy emphasis on our standard of work and customer satisfaction.

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B1 Service Areas

When we first began, we operated almost all of our Perth window cleaning services just around the northern suburbs. Due to the demand of the growing business, we now serve the majority of the Perth metro area. Whether you need window cleaning in Joondalup, Scarborough, or Yanchep B1 has you covered.

Thanks to our large amount of repeat business, we’ve been fortunate enough to establish a great rapport with our customers. It’s because of this rapport we continue to build our customer base further via word-of-mouth and through our reputation. Don’t just take our word for it, read some of our customer reviews on Google!

We are a north-based Perth window cleaning company. Still, we do our best to service every customer looking for quality window cleaning. If you live south of the river, and you want the best service for your home or business, call us today. We’ll do our very best to accommodate your needs.

Window Cleaning Perth Prices

It's difficult to quote set prices prior to the inspection of the property. What affects window cleaning prices?

When it comes to window cleaning Perth prices, there are many things to consider. For example, the types of windows your home has, degree of accessibility, number of windows you have and their condition.

Something else to consider when getting a window cleaning quote is what does the service actually include. There are a lot of window cleaning cowboys out there that will offer “bargain” window cleaning Perth prices. But be wary. This service may only include cleaning just the glass itself. What about the frames, the fly-screens, the sliding door tracks? Any professional window cleaner will incorporate all these aspects in their standard service.


The ease or difficulty of access affects the cost of window cleaning. Windows that are blocked by furniture, for example, are going to be harder to clean and will cost more to be cleaned as a result. The majority of second-story exterior windows are only accessible in most cases by ladder or a water fed pole window cleaning system. These take more time to set up and use safely and as a result, as to the window cleaning cost.


Windows left uncleaned for years can develop some permanent staining. In most cases, this is just a build-up of calcium, which can be almost completely removed with acid treatment. Other times your windows will develop stains or pockmarks that can never be removed. Windows that are regularly maintained will take less time, ultimately costing less money to clean.


How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

Prices for window cleaning in Perth vary. Prices are dependent on the size of the property (i.e. single, double storey etc) as well as how many windows there are and what type of windows. Call us today to arrange an inspection and we’ll be able to give a free fixed quote.

Will I Need to do Anything before the service?

We will need access to running water on your property. Also if you could remove all obstacles such as furniture that may be blocking exterior and interior windows. For precaution remove all delicate items away from window sills. It would be extra helpful if all blinds and curtains were opened prior to our arrival as well.

Can you get to windows not accessible by ladder?

Yes we can. With our pure water cleaning machine we can access all hard to reach or awkward positioned windows. 

What about frames & fly-screens?

All our window cleaning services include removal dusting off, and replacement of fly screens. All window frames will be cleaned also.

How Long Will Window Cleaning Take?

Window cleaning will obviously vary from property to property but typically a single storey will take 3-4 hours and a double storey will take 6-7 hours. Arrange an inspection today to find out more details.

What Equipment do You Use?

We use only the best window cleaning equipment to achieve the best fist finish. Our Pure Water Cleaning Technology comes from Power Vac in Osbourne park. They supple only the best in window cleaning equipment. Click on the URL below to visit their site.

Do you provide any other services?

Yes,  we also clean solar panels, supply pure water cleaning and through our partnership business Gutter Suction Perth provide Perth’s best gutter cleaning service.