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Window Cleaning Perth Professionals

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Window Cleaning Perth

B1 Windows is your local, family owned and operated Perth window cleaning service. With over 13 years experience in the industry we’ve tackled just about every type of job there is, and we know how to provide the best level, all-round service.  

Our philosophy is simple. We do our best to provide a top-notch window cleaning service for Perth households and commercial properties at affordable, fair pricing. Pricing that reflects our standard of service, so that mean’s we might not be the cheapest Perth window cleaners out there but we’re most certainly one of the best value. Combine that with our dedication to customer service and our dependability, B1 Windows have earned a respectful number of satisfied, repeat customers. A customer base that continues to grow year by year as we continue to prove ourselves to be the go-to Perth window cleaning service.  

Rest assured with B1 Windows knowing that you are getting one of the best window cleaning services available. We don’t take shortcuts, every job is treated the same no matter how big or small. We are committed to upholding our reputation as the best Perth window cleaning business. Drop us a line today to arrange your free fixed quote.



We've been taking care of Perth homeowner's dirty windows for over 12 years. Take the hassle out of cleaning your windows and leave it to the professionals. Interior/exterior glass, frames, fly screens, siding door tracks, all part of the service. Ask for a free quote today you won't be disappointed.


Although we are the domestic window cleaning experts we also extend our professional services to commercial buildings. Window cleaning is an important aspect of maintenance. Perth property owners, if you have a commercial building up to 10 metres contact us today to organise a free quote.


Dirty solar panels can be reduced in energy efficiency from 15-20%. But not everyone enjoys getting on their roof to scrub them them down. Next time you get your windows cleaned, for a small amount extra we can get those panels cleaned & operating at maximum capacity again in no time. Ultimately saving you money.


Getting your gutters cleaned is one of those necessary maintenance jobs. No one relishes doing it, but it's important since having your gutters and down-pipes cleared assists in preventing damage to your property over the winter months. Don't leave it to the last minute though, call B1 today and get a free quote.




It’s not uncommon for people to hire non-professional window cleaners. Partly due to low startup costs, there are never shortages of “pop-up” window cleaning services. Usually found on online platforms such as Gumtree or Facebook, they have no legitimate business affiliations, no website, no ABN and no insurance. The main attraction of these services is how cheap they appear to be. We’ve spoken to many customers first-hand that have used these cheap rate window cleaners, and it’s unsurprising to hear that, more often than not, a less than satisfactory service was delivered. 

This is why it really does pay to use Perth window cleaning professionals such as B1 Windows. Everything we do is by the book. We can provide invoices as well as cash receipts. We have our working safely at heights certification, police background check clearance, as well public liability insurance. We are a legitimate business and are accountable to every job we do. This is why we place such a heavy emphasis on our standard of work and customer satisfaction.


Most frequent questions and answers

Prices for window cleaning in Perth vary. Prices are dependent on the size of the property (i.e. single, double storey etc) as well as how many windows there are and what type of windows. Call us today to arrange an inspection and we’ll be able to give a free fixed quote.

We will need access to running water on your property. Also if you could remove all obstacles such as furniture that may be blocking exterior and interior windows. For precaution remove all delicate items away from window sills. It would be extra helpful if all blinds and curtains were opened prior to our arrival as well.

Yes we can. With our pure water cleaning machine we can access all hard to reach or awkward postioned windows. 

All our window cleaning services include removal dusting off, and replacement of fly screens. All window frames will be cleaned also.

Window cleaning will obviously vary from property to property but typically a single storey will take 3-4 hours and a double storey will take 6-7 hours. Arrange an inspection today to find out more details.

We used to operate almost all of our window cleaning services in Perth’s northern suburbs. These days though due to the demand of the growing business we now offer our range of services all over the Perth metro region. Whether you need window cleaning in Joondalup, Scarborough or Butler, B1 has you covered. 

With a high level of repeat business it has helped us establish a good rapport with our customers. And it’s because of this customer relationship we continue to build our customer base further via word-of-mouth and reputation. Window cleaning in Perth northern suburbs was what started our business, and continues to be our main area of business. We look forward to continuing to expand beyond the northern suburbs and deliver our quality service further south to the southern suburbs.

With our industrial grade pure-water system we are able to achieve the best results window cleaning results. Even better we do this without the exuberant costs. Additionally the water-fed pole system makes multi storey residences easily accessible which means a safe working environment for both us and the customer. 

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