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B1 Windows is a family-owned, professional window cleaning service with years of experience operating in Perth’s northern suburbs. We may not be the cheapest window cleaners, but we take pride in delivering a thorough, top-rate service.

It’s been this dedication to service, as well as our dependability and fair pricing that has led to B1 Windows growing into the successful business it is today. We’re a legitimate business, not some fly-by-nighter off gumtree. We don’t cut corners and we understand the importance of being on time for jobs.

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Price Guide

The pricing below is is an indication of our charges for a standard property. Features such as security screens, french windows & doors, glass pool fences, glass balustrades & louvre windows incur additional costs.

*Please note* Removal of calcium stains is not included in our standard clean. Please let us know if you require this additional service.


3x2 single-storey
$ 200 inc. GST
  • exterior/interior windows
  • window frames
  • fly-screens


4x2 single-storey
$ 240 inc. GST
  • exterior/interior windows
  • window frames
  • fly-screens


small double-storey
$ 350 inc. GST
  • exterior/interior windows
  • window frames
  • fly-screens

Window Cleaning Perth Prices

It's difficult to quote set prices prior to the inspection of the property. What affects window cleaning prices?

When it comes to window cleaning Perth prices, there are many things to consider. For example, the types of windows your home has, degree of accessibility, number of windows you have and their condition.

Something else to consider when getting a window cleaning quote is what does the service actually include. There are a lot of window cleaning cowboys out there that will offer “bargain” window cleaning Perth prices. But be wary. This service may only include cleaning just the glass itself. What about the frames, the fly-screens, the sliding door tracks? Any professional window cleaner will incorporate all these aspects in their standard service.


The ease or difficulty of access affects the cost of window cleaning. Windows that are blocked by furniture, for example, are going to be harder to clean and will cost more to be cleaned as a result. The majority of second-story exterior windows are only accessible in most cases by ladder or a water fed pole window cleaning system. These take more time to set up and use safely and as a result, as to the window cleaning cost.


Windows left uncleaned for years can develop some permanent staining. In most cases, this is just a build-up of calcium, which can be almost completely removed with acid treatment. Other times your windows will develop stains or pockmarks that can never be removed. Windows that are regularly maintained will take less time, ultimately costing less money to clean.