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Window Cleaning Perth Professionals

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When it comes to window cleaning prices in Perth there are many things to consider. Such as the types of windows your home has, level of access, how many windows you have and the condition of them.

Something else to consider when getting a window cleaning quote is what does the service include. There are a lot of guys out that will offer cheap window cleaning prices in Perth. But be cautious some supposed cleaners will only clean your glass. What about the frames, flyscreens and tracks? These are all part of your window and need cleaning as well. Any professional window cleaner worth his salt will explain to a customer what their service will include.


There are many different types of window on the market, some harder to clean than others. Here are some of the most common found in Perth.


A standard window is one to two pieces of glass surrounded by a frame. This is by far the easiest and quickest window to clean


French windows, or sectioned windows, can have anywhere from 3 to 20 sections of glass surrounded by a frame. The more small panels of glass the harder and longer it takes to clean.


Louvre windows are a shutter style window, that allows light and air through them. Very similar to venetian blinds, only made from glass. These are very difficult windows to clean and can take up to 40 minutes per window to clean in some cases.


The ease or difficulty of access also affects the cost of window cleaning. Windows that are blocked by furniture for example are going to be harder to clean and will cost more to be cleaned as a result. The majority of second story exterior windows are only accessible in most cases by ladder or a water fed pole window cleaning system. These take more time to set up and use safely and as a result as to the window cleaning cost.


When was the last time your windows were cleaned? This is an important question to ask yourself when pondering your window cleaning price. Windows that are regularly maintained will take less time to clean and end up costing less money to clean. Windows that have been left dirty for years, will very likely have a large build up of grime, dirt and dust. These windows take far longer to clean, and can warrant a double wash in some cases. This is where the window is cleaned twice in an attempt to remove all of the marks and dirt.

It’s also worth noting that windows left uncleaned for years can develop some permanent staining. In most cases this is just a buildup of calcium, which can be almost completely removed with an acid treatment. Other times your windows will develop stains or pock marks that can never be removed.


B1 Windows have been professionally cleaning windows in Perth for years. They will take all of the factors mentioned above into account when calculating your Perth homes window cleaning price. The service we offer as a basic package includes external/ internal glass cleaning, frames, sliding door tracks cleaned and fly screens dusted/ brushed down.

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