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Window Cleaning Perth Professionals

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B1 Windows is not just a window cleaning service, we can also handle the hassle and risk of cleaning your solar panels as well. If you have solar panels for your home then you are obviously invested in keeping your energy bills down.

Solar panels are effectively your own private generators. Just like any other functioning appliance you own it needs to be maintained. It makes fiscal sense to keep your solar panels always running at their highest capacity. This ensues they don’t degrade over time. After all there isn’t much point to having energy and cost saving products if they’re not saving you the money they should be.


Solar panels are exposed to more than just sunlight. They are constantly building up dust, sand, dirt and just about anything else. Some of the worst offenders are birds. From experience birds are perhaps the main reason as to why you need solar panel cleaning in Perth. The spacing between solar panels makes comfortable spots for birds to roost, and occasionally nest. Consequently this can lead to a lot of bird mess on and around your panels. And bird excrement can be highly corrosive. Cleaning them semi-regularly keeps this mess from building up and affecting your panels.

If you live in Perth then solar panel cleaning is important. Studies vary on the subject of dirt product and solar panel efficacy. Some Perth solar panel cleaning services promise unrealistic energy savings, some as high as 50%! Always be wary of such specific promises and guarantees. There is a general accepted consensus that even layers of dust affect solar panel efficiency. This has been backed by studies in reputable academic journals. Cutting through the jargon, from solar panel cleaning you can realistically improve performance around 15-20%. Environment conditions in your area can of course have an impact on this range.

Solar panel cleaning
Solar panel Cleaning perth


There is a lot of sunshine to benefit from in W.A so if your panels aren’t being optimised then that’s a lot of benefit that you’re missing out on. That’s where B1 comes in, with our pure-water cleaning system we can get your solar panels back running at 100%. DIY solar panel cleaning can be quite hazardous business, not to mention quite difficult in a lot of cases. We can minimise the risk, and with our industry grade pure-water fed pole cleaning system all those hard to reach panels are a breeze.

You can get this service done at very low cost, B1 does solar panel cleaning in Perth at very affordable prices. If your complementing our solar panel cleaning service with our B1 Windows cleaning then then we’ll remove the minimum fee. See our pricing for more details. If you’re a smart shopper and want to take care of three birds with one stone, B1 Windows is in partnership with Gutter Suction Perth. Cleaning gutters is another of those jobs that can is an inconvenience and occasionally dangerous but also a necessity. Give your house the full once, and combine window, gutter and solar panel cleaning services.

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